Cag University

ANKARA - Turkey

Admission 2023 - 2024


The Cag University is situated in the Mersin province of Turkey. It is a non-profit making university and was founded in 1997.


Some schools of the university are as follows: Institute of social sciences, Business Administration (MBA), Private Law, Business Ph.D., Public Law and English Language Teaching.

Vocational School:

There are also vocational schools in this university and these schools are higher vocational school, Public Relations and Advertising, Banking and Insurance, International Logistics, Computer Technologies & Information Systems, Business Management, Human Resource Management, International Trade, Justice Staff Program and Accounting and Tax Practices.

Research Centers:

To fulfill the research needs of students university has following research centers: Space Observation, Application & Research Center, Ataturk's Principles and The History of the Turkish Revolution and European Union Research & Application Center.

Programs and Courses

University has the following faculty: Faculty of law, Faculty of economics & administrative sciences, International Trade, International Finance, International Logistics, Faculty of ARTS & SCIENCES, Mathematics and Computer Science, Psychology, Law Program, Management, Public Relations, International Relations, Tourism and Hotel Management, English Language Teaching and Turkish Language and Literature.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

Candidates can get information if they will obey certain rules and regulations. For example it is compulsory for students of other nationalities to obtain more than 1600 marks in their SAT test. For local students admission test is the main criteria. If students are able to score good marks in their admission test then they will be called for interview.

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