Study in Pakistan

Higher education structure

There are 180 universities and degree-awarding institutions in Pakistan, splited between private and public sector. A full list is available on the Ministry of Education - Pakistan website.

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The qualifications framework is similar to that in the UK, with postgraduate courses available at Masters and Doctoral level in a wide range of subjects. There is especially strong provision in science, technical and engineering subject areas as well as business and finance. Courses are usually taught in English.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) offers a search facility by subject area, level of study and location. Individual universities' websites generally offer useful information on course content, fees and application procedures.

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Fees and costs

Course and administration fees vary by institution according to the type of course and whether the institution is public or private. Costs are generally much lower than in the UK - total fees for a two-year Masters degree might typically be around 80,000 Rupees, which is approximately £800.

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Scholarships are rarely available for UK nationals; financial assistance is generally targeted at domestic students from poorer backgrounds and from other Asian and African countries, who make up the bulk of overseas students. The Association of Commonwealth Universities has details of scholarship programmes which might be applicable for UK nationals wishing to study in Pakistan.

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Exchange programmes

Despite the strong ties between the UK and Pakistan, formal student exchange programmes are rare and, where they do exist, greater emphasis is placed on allowing students from Pakistan to study in the UK. It is best to check with individual universities or colleges with which you have a connection to see if any links exist with institutions in Pakistan.

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Recognition of qualifications

Qualifications from UK institutions of higher education are generally well recognised in Pakistan, provided documentary evidence is supplied.

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