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HERE YOU'LL FIND all the basic information you need to familiarize yourself with the GMAT CAT.

What's the GMAT All About?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a 3-1/2 hour standardized exam designed to predict how test-takers will perform academically in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programs. GMAT scores are used by graduate business schools to make admission decisions.

You might also see the GMAT referred to as the "GMAT CAT " the acronym CAT stands for "Computer Adaptive Test." The GMAT is administered only by computer now, except in certain locations outside North America, where the test is referred to as the "paper-based" GMAT. (Since you’re reading this on the Web, no doubt the GMAT CAT is available where you are.)

Test Preparation

Test preparation material is available at Online Test Preparation

GMAT Format (Structure)

GMAT comprises of three main parts:
  • Quantitative: this part of the test evaluate candidate's ability to move in mathematical logic. This part is further divided into two sections (1) Problem Solving and (2) Data Sufficiency.
  • Verbal: This part of the test is based on verbal logic and English Grammar. This part is further divided into two sections (1) Reading Comprehension and (2) Sentence Correction.
  • AWA - Analytical Writing Assessment: In this part the candidate is asked to write two types of essays.

Who Designs and Administers the GMAT?

The GMAT is the brainchild of the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), which determines what kinds of skills the GMAT should measure — and how it should measure them. But it is ETS (Educational Testing Service) in Princeton, New Jersey that actually develops the test questions, administers the test, and reports test scores to the schools — all at the behest of GMAC.

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