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Admission 2023 - 2024


Ege University was established on 20th May, 1955 according to Law No.6595 on March 9, 1956. It is one of the best universities in the country. Ege University provides quality education and develops a great confidence in the students. The first faculty of the university was established in 1955. Ege University is located in Izmir which is a focal point of culture and education. It has been established in Bornova district of Izmir. Bornova campus has 3700 hectare area of sports, culture and education. It consists of several buildings that are used for social purposes. Ege University provides professional foreign language quality education in various fields in Turkey. Central Library of Ege University is one of the largest libraries in Turkey.


Ege University has following institutes: Institute of Science, Institute for Solar Energy, Substance Abuse, Institute of Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, Turkish World Research Institute and Institute of International Computer.


Ege University has following schools: School of Physical Education and Sport, Cesme School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, State Conservatory of Turkish Music, Izmir Atatürk School of Health, Paid the School of Health Sciences and School of Foreign Languages.

Vocational schools

Ege University has following vocational schools: Atatürk School of Health Services, Bayindir Vocational School, Vocational School of Pergamon, Vocational School of the Aegean, Emel Akin Vocational School, Paid the Vocational School and Tire-Kutsan Vocational School.


Ege University has following departments: Atatürk Principles and History Department, Department of Physical Education, Department of Informatics, Department of Fine Arts and Department of Turkish Language.

Programs and Courses

Ege University offers following programs: Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Arts, College of education, Faculty of Science, School of Nursing, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fisheries, School of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

There are two criteria through which you can get admission in Bingol University. For local candidates, admission test is compulsory and second one is test scores of GMAT, SAT and GRE. In order to get admission as international student, scores should be higher than 320 in GRE, 650 in GMAT.

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