Fatih University


Admission 2023 - 2024


Fatih University was established on June 05, 1996 by the Health and Therapy Foundation of Turkey. Fatih University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It has three campuses; one is in Istanbul, others two are Ostim and Gimat located in Ankara. Their aim is to do theoretical as well as practical education helping in the research and development. Fatih University has its dream to be famous on national and global level at the same time.


Fatih University has schools for the development of proper education. The schools are named as School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, School of Health Sciences and School of Nursing.

Graduate Schools:

In Fatih University schools offer graduate studies including Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Health Sciences and Graduate School of Social Sciences

Programs and Courses

Fatih University offers undergraduate studies in the following faculties having further departments. The faculties including Faculty of Education, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Arts and Science offers American Culture and Literature, Biology, Geography, Modern Turkic Dialects and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature and Physics, Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences offers Banking and Finance, Economics, Management, Political Science and Public Administration, International Relations and International Trade, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

Fatih University is among one of the low ranked universities in the world. The two basic ways of getting admission in Fatih University including for local students, there is an admission test, which is compulsory to get admission. The scores of the tests GMAT, GRE and SAT should be above 330, 175 and 1000 respectively in order to take admission as an international student.

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