ELAZIG - Turkey

Admission 2023 - 2024


Firat University is one of the best universities in turkey located in Elazig. It was established and organized properly in 1942 due to latest developments throughout the country. The campuses of the Firat University with Faculty of Engineering and President Office constitute ten units. Firat University is situated in Anatolia Region. The university provides excellent Education and produces trained individuals and contribute in the development of country.


Firat University has following institutes: Institute of Science, Institute of Health Science, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Education Sciences


Firat University has following schools: Physical Education and Sports High School, Elazig School of Health and School of Foreign Languages

Vocational schools

Firat University has following vocational schools: Vocational School of Mines, Health Services Vocational School , Sivrice Vocational High School, School of Social Sciences, Keban Vocational High School, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Karakoçan Vocational High School, Kovancilar Vocational High School and Baskil Vocational High School

Programs and Courses

Firat University offers following programs:
Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Human and social sciences, Economics and Administration faculty, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of communication, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fisheries, Technical training school, Faculty of technology, Faculty of medicine and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

In Firat University, there are two criteria’s through which you can get admission. First is, admission test which is compulsory of all local candidates and second one is test scores of GMAT, SAT and GRE. Scores in these tests should be higher than 1600, in order to get admission as an international student.

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