Admission 2023 - 2024


Zirve University is one of the greatest educational institutes which are located in Gaziantep, Turkey. University has high skilled education and training staff members who often comes from abroad and educate the university students. Zirve University has developed internationally recognized education and modern language lab for students. A team of professionals develop a huge confidence in students who can easily face social and educational challenges in the society. It has a huge department of English language that provides its services to educate and taught the students with different English courses.

Programs and Courses

Zirve University offers the following faculty programs:


Faculty of Engineering, College of Education, law school, administration, faculty of communication, faculty of Architecture and design and faculty of health sciences.

Master and doctoral programs:

Institute of science offers doctoral programs and Master of Science programs. Institute of social sciences also offers doctoral and Master of Science programs in LAW, Education, international relations and MBA. Distance Education offers Master of Science Programs such as Health Care Management Graduate Program, English MA Program in Health Care Management, Management Information Systems Graduate Program and Engineering Management Graduate Program

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

Zirve University conducts admission test for all local students who are willing to get admission in different graduate and doctoral programs. It also requires GMAT test for foreign students along the certificate of Turkish language course. Students are required to get marks higher than 550 in orders to get admission in this University.

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