World Universities

If you are a student, you have the opportunity to study abroad. No doubt it can be a really worthwhile experience, enjoyable, exhilarating and enlightening. Getting to have chance with studying in another country is not simple, though the rewards are great if you succeed. Those who have done it often feel they have gained a good deal. They claim to have acquired a more balanced appreciation of different cultures, and a skill and sensitivity in interactions with multidimensional cultural issues which has enhanced their subsequent ongoing studies. Some even direct that the chance to study abroad has opened their eyes to the outside world and made them feel more like true global citizens.
The first step in the pursuit of foreign studies is only the searching a suitable university or college. Following are the countries for which you can find the university list. Our aim is to list all countries in the world so you can find the university of you choice easily. The lists are consisted of public as well as private universities.


The universities owned by the government or state are public universities. The fee in these universities are comparatively low. The academic facilities and research labs are often more equipped.


Private universities are often run by group of educators or NGOs. Many of the private universities have gained world top ranking by their academic excellence and quality.

Universities Around the Globe

Our aim is to introduce students with all admission opportunities around the globe. Our database increases day by day.
Find the list of universities in each of the following countries.

Top Universities and Colleges

Over the last ten years most colleges and universities around the world have set up International Offices or Study Abroad offices to support and encourage student to join their universities or colleges. Often they have also relaxed their rules and regulations to make it easier for students to do jobs as part of their degree.

Our aim is to provide initial information about the universities and colleges around the world. We have no vested interest in any of the university or college, the information is provided only to help the students find their desired university.