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You are reading this page because it’s the largest and most up-to-date directory of scholarships available for US College Studies. However, our aim is to provide you more and more scholarship opportunities through this website or through other referenced websites.
Your approach to find scholarship for your studies involves two major steps:
  1. By exploring our scholarship database, you must create a list of as many scholarships as possible that fit you.
  2. Prioritize the selected awards and keenly work out to find the most appropriate agency for funding your studies in US college.
By following this two-step approach, you will end up with a prioritized list of scholarships that are closely matched to your background and achievements. So, even before you fill out a single scholarship application form, you will have greatly improved your chances of winning. Plus, you saved time by not wasting energy on awards that you won’t win.

Start Your Scholarship Search from around you

If we started out looking for scholarships and grants, many of us produced precisely what is perhaps the greatest error from the amateur scholarship hunter—we started out simply by searching because a long way away as is possible. Many of us were being mesmerized with the massive cash incentives from the significant (and often well-publicized) countrywide awards. Many of us believed, “If I won one amongst these types of countrywide scholarship competitions, I’d always be set and may even finish my research. ” That ended up being a major error as well as a larger time waster. The item appeared of which all people as well as his or her buddy, sister as well as nephew were being additionally signing up to these types of competitions. The Coca-Cola scholarship competition, for instance, is provided with over 100,000 applications each year.
In first glance we centered upon the scholarship or grant that more lucrative source. Best of all, this was turned out to be in our own backyard!
What are these scholarships and where do you find them? Think about all the social groups, clubs, associations, business concerns, religious groups, and organizations in your community. Anyone of these may be a potential source for scholarships or cash award for studies. If you are still in college, you have two communities immediately available to you:
Your hometown and the city in which you go to school. Since these awards are usually only available to students in your own community, the competition is a lot less intense.

You may be thinking, “What good is a $500 Rotary Club scholarship when my college costs $7000 a year?” No doubt; local scholarships don’t offer large amount funding that some of the national level scholarship competitions do. You already know that we won over $200,000 in scholarships every year. At the same time, perhaps we haven’t told you that the most of this amount came from small local scholarships! Really; We won $500 here and $1,500 there. By the time we graduated from Wharton and added up all the awards, it turned out to be a huge amount. Plus, some of the local scholarships that we won were “renewable,” which meant that we received that money each year we were in college. So a $500 renewable scholarship was really worth $2,000 over four years.

Let’s be more precise and explore all of the places in your backyard to find more scholarships.

Your High school financial aid advisor

Consult your school financial advisor or career counselor and ask for a list of scholarships available to students of the school. Most of the counselors have such list of financial aid available. You must prepare yourself for the meeting by being informed about the financial status of your parents, your special interests, your talents so that you may plea strongly your request to the counselor. Many of the US Schools have financial aid opportunities for their students in terms of a variety of scholarships.

Dig School websites

It is very common that students visit the school website at the time of their admission. After admission they seldom go there. But at time of searching scholarship, visiting the school website deeply tuns out to be a hidden source of useful scholarship and financial aid information.

Student clubs and formal organizations

Joining a club, some formal organization or indulging in extracurricular activities brings a lot of opportunities in the future. Many of such clubs or organizations have special interest fund for scholarships. If you are member of any of such organization meet your organizer of one of executive member and ask about any such fund or scholarship. Bands, newspapers, academic clubs, athletic organizations and service organizations often have scholarships that are awarded to outstanding members.
Visit the national organization website. There are often awards that are given by the parent organization for members of local units.

Community or cultural organizations

Many community organizations have some provision for community groups sponsor scholarships that are available to all students living or belonging to the area.

Large Local business concerns

Many business concerns offer scholarships and financial aid as a way to reward students who both study and work. Ask your HR manager if your employer has a scholarship fund and how you can apply. Some companies, particularly large corporations that have local offices, or manufacturing or processing units in your area offer scholarships for all students in the community. Check with the chamber of commerce for a list of the large companies in your area.

Parents’ employer

Many companies award scholarships or support financially to the children of their employees. They should consult the HR department or with their direct managers about scholarships and other educational programs offered by their company.

Local government

Some cities and counties provide scholarship funds specifically meant for local students. Even if you didn’t vote for them, call their offices and ask if they offer a scholarship or financial aid program.