Al Ain Women College

Jebel Hafit - United Arab Emirates

Admission 2024 - 2025


The Al Ain Women's College is situated in United Arab Emirates which is famous all over the world due to their beautiful tourist spots. UAE has also very brilliant institutions which are gaining popularity day by day due to their quality education. One of the colleges prominent in those institutions is Al Ain Women's College. It is situated in opposite direction of Jebel Hafit.


The Authorities who deal the Educational matters of UAE have chartered this college on the basis of its performance in the field of education. In a short span of time the Al Ain Women College has developed a very reputable good will and also some of the foreign universities are seeking opportunities to affiliate themselves with this college.

Programs and Courses

Major Degrees and disciplines: The university until now has covered five major areas of educational field including general education, computer and information science, applied communication, engineering technology, business and education. The college is further seeking opportunities to expand their area of expertise in the field of education so that greater numbers of students are benefited.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

The procedure of admission in Al Ain Women's College is very simple. Students coming from all over the world can easily get their selves registered by just filling the admission forms on the web site of the Al Ain Women's College.

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