All India institute of Medical Sciences

Ansari Nagar - India

Admission 2024 - 2025


All India institute of medical science is one of the great medical institutions in India which is located at Ansari Nagar, New Delhi. The aim of this institute is to provide quality education in Undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs regarding biological and physical sciences. It also offers education in dental and nursing fields. It provides a great contribution in the production of high skilled doctors for country. It focuses on research in various medical fields.

Specialty Centers:

Cardio-Thoracic Sciences Centre, Centre for Dental Education and Research, Neurosciences Centre, Dr. R.P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, Dr. B.R.A Institute-Rotary Cancer Hospital, National Drug Dependence Treatment Center and Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center


Anesthesiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Biotechnology, Cardiology, Centre for Community Medicine, College of Nursing, Dermatology & Venereology, Dietetics, Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes, Finance Division, Forensic Medicine, Gastroenterology and Human Nutrition, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Haematology, Hospital Administration, Laboratory Medicine, Medicine, Microbiology, Nephrology, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Paediatric Surgery, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Radio Diagnosis, Reproductive Biology, Surgical Disciplines, Transplant Immunology & Immunogenetics, Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank), Urology

Programs and Courses


It offers courses in various disciplines. It educates the students in 42 disciplines. Undergraduate Courses (UG) includes MBBS, B.Sc Nursing (post Certificate) and B.Sc. (Hons.) nursing. Postgraduate Courses (PG) includes M.D/M.S/M.D.S, M.Ch. (5 year course) and M.Sc. / M. Biotechnology. Paramedical Courses (PM) includes B.Sc. (Hons.) Opthalmic Techniques, B.Sc. (Hons.) Medical Technology

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Students are required to pass the entry level test conducted by AIIMS in order to get admission in various medical fields.

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