Bingol University

Bingol - Turkey

Admission 2024 - 2025


Bingol University was established in May 2007, located in Bingol, Turkey. It is also included in one of the finest university of Turkey. It includes 4 faculties, two institutes, one high school, four vocational high schools, and a Research centre, Department of Informatics.


Institute of science

Horticulture, Biology, physics, chemistry, seafood, Field crops, Soil science and plant nutrition and animal science.

Institute of social sciences

Operating, sociology, Date, Basic Islam sciences, Turkish language and literature. Living languages institutes
Zaza language and literature


Health high school

Department of nutrition Dietetics, department of child development, department of Midwifery, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, department of nursing, Health care management. School of foreign languages

Vocational schools

Youth vocational school

Office management and executive assistant, child development, electric device technology program, Accounting and tax practices, organic farming, seafood, medical documentation and secretarial.

Vocational school of health

Department of health care services
Child development program Department of medical services and techniques:
Pathological laboratory techniques program, Medical documentation and secretarial program, Medical imaging techniques program, Medical laboratory techniques program.

Vocational school of social science

Office management and assistant, call center services, public relations and publicity, human resource management, Business administration, Finance, Media and communication, Accounting and tax practices, Marketing, Radio and television technology, Tourism and hotel management, Local governments.

Vocational school of technical sciences

Beekeeping, Beekeeping (entrance year for 2008 and earlier), Horticultural program, computer programming, Large and small head animal husbandry, Electricity, Electronic communication technology, Industrial molding program, Carpets and Kilims, Animal husbandry (entrance year 2008 and earlier), Construction technology, Veterinary health, Mechatronics program, Landscape and ornamental plants, Field crops, Textile technology.

Programs and Courses

Bingol University includes faculties, Faculty of arts and sciences, economics and administrative faculty, faculty of theology, faculty of agriculture. Two institutes including Institute of science and social sciences.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

There are two criteria through which you can get admission in Bingol University. For local candidates, admission test is compulsory and second one is test scores of GMAT, SAT and GRE. In order to get admission as international student, scores should be higher than 75%.

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