Admission 2024 - 2025


Galatasaray University is located in Istanbul Turkey. It is the greatest university that provides quality education and motivates students to develop confidence and contribute in the progress of the country. The building of the university was reconstructed in 1838. Galatasaray University was established as a state university that subject to the Turkish Higher Education Legislation.


Galatasaray University offers following institutes: Institute of Science, Institute of social sciences, department of foreign languages

Vocational School

Galatasaray University offers vocational schools: Department of Marine Engineering, Maritime Transportation and Management Division

Programs and Courses

Galatasaray University offers following programs :
Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Law school

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Galatasaray University has admission criteria that include:
Applicants should be graduates or passed high school certificate. Candidates should get marks 60 or 20 out of 100 grade 12. Candidates should have all material required in order to sustain all education facilities and opportunities. Applicants should download the required application forms available on the website. Eligible students are required to submit “Equivalency Certificate” or original high school diploma or equivalent high school diploma from recognized Turkish high schools. University conducts admission test for all students throughout the country whereas international students can take SAT (Undergraduate programs), GMAT (Management sciences - BBA and MBA), or GRE (Graduate and post graduate programs other than Management sciences) along with Turkish Language Certificate course. The Turkish Language courses are offered in capital cities of almost all countries under Turkish embassies.

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