Hamdan Bin Muhammad eUniveristy

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Admission 2024 - 2025


Hamdan Bin Muhammad eUniversity is the first eUniversity of United Arab Emirates and is thought to be of at most importance. In 2009 the university started its operations. Before 2009 the university was known as e-TQM College and was famous because of their academic services.


The university is affiliated with University of Bradford, university of Wisconsin and University of California.

Programs and Courses

There are mostly four schools in this university which are Humanities and e- school of Business, school of e- Education, e- School of Health and Environmental studies and quality management. These schools are very up to date and the university has provided all the required and available resources to the students of this university.
Bachelor of Business and Quality Management,Bachelor of Business and Accounting,Diploma of Business and Quality Management,Bachelor of Business and Marketing,Diploma in Health Administration,Bachelor of Business and Human Resource Management,Bachelor of Science in Health Administration,MS Organizational Excellence,Masters of Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership,Masters of Islamic Banking and Finance,Masters of Science in Innovation and Change Management,Masters of Project Management,Masters of HRM,MS Public Health,MS Excellence in Environmental Management,MA Online Curriculum and Instruction

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Students should at least have 70% in their school certificates regardless of the fact that in which field they want to go and a minimum of 2.5 AGPA.

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