Junior College Aichi Gakuin University

Nisshin - Japan

Admission 2024 - 2025


Aichi Gakuin University is a private university that offers quality education in Aichi Prefecture. It provides great and quality education to its students who can face all social issues efficiently. 

Research Institutes:

Institute for Zen Studies, Higher Education, Center for International Studies, Human Cultural Studies, Business, Marketing and Distribution, Management, Law and Religion,  Advanced Oral Science and Foreign Languages

Law School

Graduate School of Letters, psychological and Physical Science, Commerce, Management, Law, Policy Studies, Dentistry and Satellite Center

Programs and Courses

Faculty of Letters has following departments: Department of History, Japanese Culture, International Culture, Global English and Buddhist and Religious Studies. Faculty of psychological and physical Sciences has Department of Psychology, Health Science and Health and Nutrition. Faculty of Business and Commerce has Department of Commerce and information Science. Faculty of Management has department of Management and Business system. Faculty of Law has Department of Law and Contemporary Society. Faculty of Policy studies has Department of Policy Studies. Faculty of pharmacy has Department of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Science. School of Dentistry has Department of Dentistry. Junior college has Department of Dental Hygiene.Japanese language course for foreign students.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Aichi Gakuin University conducts entry test for students who want to get admission in various faculties. Students are required to pass secondary school education in order to get admission in bachelor programs and they also have a certificate of bachelor programs from recognized university in order to get admission in masters programs. 

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