Admission 2024 - 2025


Okan University is one of the latest and most dynamic universities in Turkey located at Istanbul. It is officially established in 1999 but the education has been started during 2003 to 2004. It is a fast growing university, follows contemporary approach to education and always focuses on practical work with theory. The aim of the university is to provide a bridge between the Business worlds. University produces graduates with great knowledge skills with strong social and moral values. University always responds to every need of business and social life. It is one of the outstanding universities in turkey.


Okan University has following institutes: Institute of Science, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of health Science


Okan University has following schools: School of Applied Sciences, school of health sciences and vocational school

Research centers:

Okan University has following research centers: Distance Education center, Theo and intelligent transportation technologies automotive systems and Arshty.centeral, Eurasian. App and Arishty.central, Arishty EU and Apple.central, Practice of intercultural dialogue and Arishty. Centarl, fiinacial risk research and application center, computer research and application center

Programs and Courses

Okan University has following faculties: Faculty of Education, faculty of Arts and Science, faculty of Fine Arts, faculty of Law, faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Okan University conducts an entry level test for all candidates throughout the Turkey. International students must submit certificate of Turkish language course if they are willing to get admission in Okan University. They also need to pass GRE test and must get the score more than 280.

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