Admission 2024 - 2025


Piri Reis University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim of this university is to produce individuals with strong knowledge of sea. Its main objective is to increase the strength and productivity of the country. It enables Turkish Navy to serve the country with trained and professional personnel. TURKISH MARITIME EDUCATION FOUNDATION fulfills all the requirements of seamen. It provides a great help to the existing Maritime educational institutions. The main purpose of this university is to achieve the quality and standard of training between vocational and academic education system. The mission of the University is to produce perfectly trained individuals with strong communication skills and develops strong social responsibilities among individuals.


Piri Reis University has following institutes: Institute of Science, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of English Language, Centre for Continuing Education

Programs and Courses

Piri Reis University offers graduate and undergraduate programs for local as well as international students. It has following faculties: Faculty of Maritime Studies Academic Program, Faculty of Arts and Sciences include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Basic Sciences and English Language. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Engineering

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Piri Reis University always conduct admission test for local students who are coming from the Turkey. International students can submit their documents online to get the admission in this University. It is necessary for them to submit the certificate of Turkish Language Course. They also need to pass GMAT test and must get the marks higher than 550.

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