Rochester Institute of Technology

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Admission 2024 - 2025


The Rochester University is located in the New York metropolitan area and is world famous for their quality education. Orange and brown are the colors of the university and it works under the presidency of William W. Destler who is a very famous scholar.


The university is affiliated AITU, RAC, NCAA and MAISA.

Programs and Courses

The university helps students in every walk of life whether it is arts or science.
BS Applied Mathematics ,BS Biochemistry,BS Biology,BS Biomedical Engineering,BS Chemical Engineering,BS Chemistry,BS Civil Engineering,BS Computer Engineering,BS Computer Science, BS Economics,BS Electrical Engineering,BS Mechanical Engineering,BS Finance,BS Journalism ,BS Management,BS Marketing,BS Media Arts and Technology,BS Medical Informatics ,BS Motion Picture Science,BS Museum Studies,BS New Media Marketing,BS Philosophy,M. Architecture,MBA ,MBA Executive ,MBA Marketing,MBA Online Executive,MBA Traditional,Ph.D. Sustainability,Ph.D. Imaging Science,Ph.D. Color Science ,Ph.D. Micro systems Engineering

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

The process of admission in Rochester University is very easy. The university conducts entry test to select the top students as the seats are limited in every program despite of the fact that there are large number of schools and expert areas in the university. Students should have more than 6.0 to 7 in their IELTS exams.

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