Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya

Varanasi - India

Admission 2024 - 2025


The Sampurnanand Sanskrit University was established in 1791. University offers quality education in following subjects: Veda, Vedanta, Purana, Ayurveda, Sahitya, Astrology, Theology, Mimamsa, Nyaya etc.

Programs and Courses

The Sampurnanand Sanskrit University offers variety of courses and hence has many departments and faculties.

Departments & faculties:

Faculty of veda includes following departments: department of Dharma Sastra, department of Jyotisha, department of vyakarana, Sahitya Sanskriti Faculty includes following departments: Department of Puranetihasa, Department of Sahitya, Prachina Rajashastra-Arthashastra Faculty of Philosophy includes following departments: Department of Nyaya-Vaishesika, Department of Vedanta, Department of Mimamsa, Comparative Religion and Philosophy, Sankhya-Yoga-Tantragama Sramana Vidya Faculty includes following departments: Department of Baudha Darshana, Department of Jaina Darshana, Department of Prakrita and Jainagama, Department of Pali and Theravada, Department of Sanskrita Vidya Adhunika Gyan Vijyana Faculty includes following departments: Modern Languages and Linguistics, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Education, Science (Science, Home Science), Department of Library Science and Department of Physical Education & Sports

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

University accepts GMAT tests if foreign students need to get admission in this university. Students from all over the India are required to submit bachelor degree for post graduate programs, secondary school certificate for graduate programs and degree of post graduate programs in order to get admission in M.phill programs.

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