Chemistry Practice MCQ Page 39

Multiple Choice questions for Chemistry in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 3268   The property that depends upon the state of a system is called
  1. state function
  2. condition
  3. quality
  4. property
Question: 3269   The terms of temperature, pressure and volume describe the state of a
  1. process
  2. system
  3. substance
  4. reaction
Question: 3270   The amount of energy that is exchanged with surroundings during a chemical and physical change is
  1. internal energy
  2. heat energy
  3. chemical energy
  4. physical energy
Question: 3271   A macroscopic condition of a system for which its properties are uniquely determined and is independent of time is called
  1. state
  2. final state
  3. state function
  4. thermodynamic state
Question: 3272   As internal energy depends upon initial and final states, it also a
  1. state function
  2. basic property
  3. derived state
  4. final state
Question: 3273   The increase in the internal energy of a system can result change in
  1. pressure
  2. volume
  3. density
  4. phase
Question: 3274   When internal energy of a system increases, it can result in increase of
  1. pressure
  2. volume
  3. temperature
  4. density
Question: 3275   A chemical reaction can result due to increase in its energy
  1. potential
  2. kinetic
  3. total
  4. internal
Question: 3276   The state function of a system is not dependent upon the
  1. temperature
  2. path
  3. mass
  4. reaction condition
Question: 3277   The change in the system from one state to another state involves change in its
  1. energy
  2. density
  3. pressure
  4. volume
Question: 3278   A decrease in the internal energy of the system usually accompanied by decrease in
  1. potential energy
  2. kinetic energy
  3. thermal energy
  4. chemical energy
Question: 3279   the energy in the form of heat and work can transfer in and out of a
  1. substance
  2. system
  3. reaction
  4. space