Help: Registration

Registration at MCQ Practice is absolutely free. Registration form is very simple. The service require a unique user name and password. After registartion you will be directed to user control panel.

Select and Add subject

At control panel you will find select subject button. On clicking the button, you will be at the select subject page. Select by clicking the select link at the left of the subject list and click Add Subject button below the list. You can add as many subjects as you want.

Start Practicing

Select a subject for practicing the MCQs at your control panel.

Control Panel

At your control panel, you can add and remove a subject or reset the result of any subject.

Add Subject

On clicking the button for adding the subject, you will be directed to the add subject page. you will be able to add any number of subjects in you list of subjects.

Remove Subject

Select a subject by clicking the select link at the left of the subject list and click the remove subject button.

Start Over Practice of a Subject

You can reset the result of your performance of a subject by selecting the subject from subject list in your control panel. After selecting the subject click the button for resting the subject result.

Start Practice

Select the subject from the left of the subject list in your control panel. The practice page will be available by clicking the Practice link at the right of the corresponding subject in the subject list.

Note : You can view the correct answer of the question immediately if you want. Your performance result is recorded for only one session. The result can be viewed by clicking the link at top right above the question. Once you logoff your performance result will be erased. When you logon and start practice, the first question would be the next question after the last question of the previous session. However; you can reset the practice through your control panel start over button.

Result of Your Performance

You can view the result of your performance in the current session by clicking the top right link above question. A list of questions for which you have given wrong answers will be appeared. You can view questions one by one with correct answers.