Abu Dhabi Women College

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Admission 2024 - 2025


The Abu Dhabi Women's College is one of the finest colleges of Dubai. This College is very famous in women for its quality education. It is located on the border of Defense Road and Najda Street. There are two campuses of Abu Dhabi Women's College one is in city and the other is in Khalifa A.

Affiliated College

The Abu Dhabi Women's College is approved by the Higher Education Commission and is backed by the government also. As this is a women’s college so govt. pays important attention towards it because educated mothers produce and educated society. Moreover the Education Level of Dubai will also increase through this.

Programs and Courses

The College caters all the programs which are necessary for today’s world. The schools being offered by them include school of Applied Communication, Business School, Computer and Information Sciences, Education, Engineering, General Education, Health Sciences and many more. The College has also developed a pool of qualified and experienced professors who help the students in every walk of life.
Business Administration( Accounting ) , Business Administration( Applied Sciences) ,Business Administration( Finance) ,Business Administration( Human Resource) ,Business Administration( Marketing) , eBusiness Management , Engineering Management ,BS CS ,MS CS ,BS Electrical Engineering ,MS Electrical Engineering

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

The College has developed a very concise and precise official web site of their own. in that web site the students can find every information very easily regarding their admissions, requirements, programs offered and along with the help offered by the faculty.

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