Admission 2024 - 2025


ADIYAMAN UNIVERSITY was established in 1983 that depends on Adiyaman Vocational School of Health Sciences. The university provides quality education based on universal values and socio-cultural activities. The university solves the problems in various educational fields and trained the individuals in the country to lead the sustainable development.

Academic Departments:

Faculty of Arts and Sciences College of education, Institute of Social Sciences Institute of Health Sciences, School of Health Services Institute of Science, Kahta Vocational School Golbasi Vocational School, Adiyaman Vocational School Besni Vocational School, State Conservatory School of Tourism and Hotel Management, School of Health Sciences School of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Technology School of Medicine.


Ensititüsü Science, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Health Sciences.


School of Health Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Tourism and Hotel Management.


Besni Vocational School, Vocational School of Health, Vocational School, Kahta Vocational School and Golbasi Vocational School.


Scientific Research Unit, Agricultural Res. Central, Centre for Continuing Education, Central Res. Laboraturari and External Relations Unit. AFFILIATED UNITS RECTORATE Department of History of Turkish Republic, department of Foreign Languages and department of Turkish Language.

Programs and Courses

Adiyaman University offers undergraduate (BS), graduate (MS) and post graduate (PhD) programs under following fields: State Conservatory, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, School of Medicine, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Economics and Idr.Bil.Fakültesi, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, College of education, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Dentistry.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Candidates seeking admission in this university should pass secondary school certificate or equivalent education for undergraduate programs and must have Bachelor degree for post graduate programs. International students are required to pass SAT for undergraduate programs; GMAT for management Sciences i.e. BBA and MBA or GRE for graduate and post graduate programs other than management sciences. International students must pass the Turkish Language course. The Turkish Language courses are offered in capital cities of almost all countries under Turkish embassies.

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