Ahi Evran University

Ahi - Turkey

Admission 2024 - 2025


Ahi Evran University was established in 1961 which is based on Male Primary School. This institute in 1982 was changed into Gazi University School of Education. Finally on March 17, 2006 the identity of ‘University of Ahi’ gained its present name. Ahi Evran University is located in Ahi, Turkey. Their vision is that they will give the education, information and technology to produce, and their country will contribute to raise the level of civilization.

Programs and Courses

Ahi Evran University offers graduate programs. They have faculties including Faculty of Education, Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Agriculture, Medicine, Architecture and Engineering. It also includes Institutes named as Institute of Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences.


Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Sciences and Institute of Health Sciences


Ahi Evran University has four colleges including College of Physical Education & Sports, Health, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and College of Foreign Languages. Technical Vocational Schools of Higher Education: Kirsehir Technical Vocational Schools of Higher Education, Kaman Technical Vocational Schools of Higher Education, Mucur Technical Vocational Schools of Higher Education, Çicekdagi Technical Vocational Schools of Higher Education and Health Services Technical Vocational Schools of Higher Education.

Research and Application Center

Ahi (Evran) Culture Research Center, Continuing Education Research Center and Environmental Problems Research Center.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

In Ahi Evran University, there are two criteria through which you can get admission. First is, admission test which is compulsory of all local candidates and second one is test scores of GMAT, SAT and GRE. Scores in these tests should be higher in order to get admission as an international student. Minimum acceptable score in GMAT is 550, in GRE is 1250, and in SAT is 1800.

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