Aichi Institute of Technology

Toyota - Japan

Admission 2024 - 2025


Aichi Institute of Technology is one of the excellent universities in Japan which is established in 1959. It is considered as private university at Toyota, Aichi, Japan. This university has provided Education in Engineering, information science departments, management and graduate schools more than 52 thousands individuals. It provides quality education in engineering fields. Aichi Institute of Technology was established in 1912 with the Nagoya Training School of Electricity. 

Programs and Courses

Graduate school of engineering offers master’s course and doctoral course. Graduate school of business Administration & computer science also offers master’s course and doctoral course. Faculty of Engineering has following departments: Electrical and electronics engineering, applied chemistry, mechanical engineering, urban environment and architecture. Faculty of business administration has department of business administration,  information science has department of information science, General education is divided into science division and general education division. 


Masters of Electrical and electronics engineering, chemistry, mechanical engineering, construction system engineering course. Doctoral courses are offered in electricity and materials engineering course, doctoral courses in production and construction engineering course. 

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Students are required to pass National Center Test for University Admissions. They are required to pass individual tests related to English, mathematics and science. They are required to pass the test of basic skills that are required to get admission in the fields of engineering and technologies. 

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