Artvin Coruh University

Artvin - Turkey

Admission 2024 - 2025


Artvin Coruh University was established on May 29, 2007. Artvin Coruh education, research and social-cultural reinforcement; approximately 3 km away from each other in two main campus is planned on the city and Seyitler Campuses. Seyitler Campus is built on 187 acres of land, built Seyitler Campus Education bulding, with some units are connected to rectors. Faculty of Forestry, education and science Institute is`located. City campus currently provides educational services to Vocational school of Artvin.

Programs and Courses

Artvin Coruh University offers bachelors, masters and doctoral level education programs. They have faculties that are Faculty of forestry, college of education, faculty of arts and sciences, faculty of engineering and faculty of economics and administrative. They also have college , named college of home economics. In addition, Arabic courses and TOEFL / UDS preparation course, art education such as Piano Course and AutoCAD Course.


Institute of science, Institute of social sciences.


School of health sciences.

Vocational schools

Artvin Vocational School, Arhavi Vocational School, Hopa Vocational School, Vocational School of Yusufeli

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Candidates seeking admission in this university should pass secondary school certificate or equivalent education for undergraduate programs and must have Bachelor degree for post graduate programs. International students are required to pass SAT for undergraduate programs; GMAT for management Sciences i.e. BBA and MBA or GRE for graduate and post graduate programs other than management sciences. International students must pass the Turkish Language course. The Turkish Language courses are offered in capital cities of almost all countries under Turkish embassies. Artvin Coruh University is required to attend classes. 20% of practical classes, students who are absent more than 30% of theoretical courses shall be deemed fulfilled their obligation to continue to participate in the course final exam.

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