Cumhuriyet University

Sivas - Turkey

Admission 2024 - 2025


Cumhuriyet University was founded in February 9, 1974, and is located in Kampus, Turkey. Their mission of Cumhuriyet University is to contribute to the improvement of the human potential of their country and development of knowledge-based society. Their vision is to become one of the leading universities in its region regarding educational activities and research on both national and international level.

Programs and Courses


there are number of faculties in Cumhuriyet University and these faculties are faculty of dentistry, faculty of education, faculty of fine arts, faculty of theology, faculty of architecture, faculty of health sciences, faculty of technology, faculty of veterinary medicine, faculty of science, faculty of economics and administrative sciences, faculty of communication, faculty of engineering, faculty of training school and faculty of medicine.


There are four institutes of University and these are Institute of Education Sciences, Graduate School of natural Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences and Institute of Social Sciences.


Cumhuriyet University has schools including Physical Education and Sports, School of Health, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, School of Foreign Languages.

Vocational Schools

The university is famous all over the world for its vocational schools. these schools are vocational republic, vocational gemereck, vocational hafik, vocational coil, vocational school of Sivas, MYO Sarkisla monument, vocational ZARA Ahmet cuhadaroglu, vocational DIVRIGI NURI DEMIRAG, vocational GURUN, vocational IMRANLI, School of Health, vocational Susehri TIMUR Karabal and vocational YIDIZELI.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

The admission requirement for every program is different from other program but all the local students have to take admission test if they want an admission in this university. On the other hand only those foreign students will be accepted who has passed the SAT or GRE exams.

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