Dicle University

Ankara - Turkey

Admission 2024 - 2025


Dicle University was first made as an additional of Ankara University in 1966. The campus of university was built on a land of twenty seven thousand acres and is situated on the eastern part of Diyarbakir. The name of Dicle University was kept on the river which splits the university from the city.

Programs and Courses


There are different programs being offered by Dicle University. the faculty provided by Dicle university is Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Z.G Faculty of Education, faculty of Natural and Applied sciences, faculty of agriculture, faculty of architecture, faculty of engineering, faculty of law, faculty of letters, faculty of arts, faculty of veterinary, faculty of theology and faculty of economics and administrative sciences.

Graduate Schools

Graduate schools of Dicle University are very popular around the world due to quality education provided there. Schools playing an important role in the field of education are Graduate School of Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Natural & Applied Sciences.

Vocational Schools

There are seven vocational schools of Dicle University and they are popular for it. These vocational schools are with following names: Diyarbakir Vocational School, Bismil Vocational School, Cermik Vocational School, Cungus Vocational School, Ergani Vocational School, Silvan Vocational School and Ataturk Vocational School of Healthcare.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

SAT and GMAT tests are must for all students belonging to foreign countries. These students should have more than 1600 score in their last GMAT test in order to qualify for admission. Local students will not be accepted by the university if they will miss the admission test.

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