Girne - Cyprus

Admission 2024 - 2025


Girne American University was established as the first organization of higher learning in 1985. The aim of the University is to produce graduate students who are equipped with high skills and advanced knowledge of learning. University has several strategic varieties in order to motivate numerous techniques of education and training process. It provides scholarships and global community to the students who can easily face educational and social challenges in the society. It is modern, innovative and non traditional university which has its own identity.


Girne American University has following schools: English Preparatory School, Institute for Science and Social Sciences, Vocational High School, Sports High School, School of Nursing, Aviation School, Maritime and Transportation School, School of the Performing Arts, School of Applied Social Sciences and Centre for Continuing Education.

Programs and Courses

Undergraduate Programs includes following faculties: Faculty of Business & Economics, Faculty of Engineering, College of education, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Humanities, Law school, Architecture, Design and the Faculty of Fine Arts

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Girne American University conducts admission test for students who belong to Cyprus whereas it conducts GMAT for students coming from abroad. International students are required to pass the GMAT and get marks more than 650 along with the certificate of language course.

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