Sapienza University of Rome

Rome - Italy

Admission 2024 - 2025


Sapienza was founded in 1303- more than seven hundred years old university. More than thirty thousand international students get admission every year. Sapienza puts 155 libraries and 21 museums at the disposal of its students, as well as other services: Ciao (Information, reception and guidance), SoRT (Guidance and tutorship services) and assistance for disabled students.

Programs and Courses

Sapienza University of Rome offers admission for Bachelor (BS), Masters (MS), and Doctorate (PhD) in wide range of disciplines including:
Architecture, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Economics, Information Engineering, Informatics and Statistics, Law, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Studies, Medicine and Dentistry, Medicine and Psychology, Pharmacy and Medicine, Philosophy, Arts and Humanities and Oriental Studies, Political Science, Sociology and Communication Science.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

If you are intended to apply Sapienza University of Rome for admission, first contact Italian embassy in your region. For Non-EU citizens living outside Italy, Sapienza University of Rome will examine the applications received through the embassies and, in case of approval, will contact the student and/or Embassy or Consulate for the student visa - if necessary.

Minimum entry requirements

First cycle degrees

School certificate equivalent to B2 level in Italy.
Language Certificate

Second cycle degrees

Bachelor Degree
School certificate equivalent to B2 level in Italy.
Language Certificate

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