ANKARA - Turkey

Admission 2024 - 2025


Ufuk University was established according to the Law NO. 4488 at 18 December 1999. It is located in ANKARA, Turkey. It is the greatest university that provides quality education to the students who contribute in the development of the society.


Ufuk University has following institutes: Institutes of social Sciences


Ufuk University has following schools: School of Nursing, Vocational school and Vocational school of health services

Programs and Courses

Ufuk University offers graduate and post graduate programs to the national as well as international students. The Ufuk University offers following faculties: College of Education includes department of Foreign Languages, Department of English Language Education, English Language Teaching Program, and Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Guidance and Counseling and Guidance and Counseling Program. Faculty of Arts and Sciences includes department of Statistics, Department of Psychology. Faculty of Law department of Management, department of Political Science, International Relations, Department of International Trade. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences includes Department of Management Department of Political Science and International Relations and Department of International Trade and School of Medicine

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Ufuk University conducts admission test for all students throughout the country whereas international students are required to pass the SAT test and should get the marks higher than 1800. They are also required to submit the certificate of Turkish language course.

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