University of Bari

Bari - Italy

Admission 2024 - 2025


The University of Bari was founded on 1924 on the base of the ancient Graduate Schools of Pharmacy and Notaryship. Faculty of Medicine was started functioning in 1925 by merging the School for Midwives, and the School of Pharmacy. Other faculties were also included like:
Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economy and Commerce and Agriculture, the Faculties of Humanities and Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Education Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Foreign Languages.

Programs and Courses

The university of Bari offers BS, MS, PhD programs in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Commerce, Agriculture, Law, Humanities, Philosophy, Physics, and Mathematics.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

For admission in medicine an admission test, MCAT, is required to be qualified. For other disciplines SAT, GRE, or GMAT is essential. A minimum of 80% score in test is required by the applicant.

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