Midnapore - India

Admission 2024 - 2025


This university was created in the year 1981 under the vidyasagar act 1981. this university was named after ishwar chandra vidyasagar, a respected leader and grants commission grants recognition to the university in 1990. It has 54 affiliated colleges and other than that 12 colleges with affiliated courses.Vidyasagar University has 29 departments organized into two faculties: Science, Arts & Commerce.


Women Study Center, University Scientific Instrumentation Centre (USIC), Gandhian Study Centre, Computer Centre

Programs and Courses

The faculty of Science consists of the departments of Physiology and Community Health, Dietetics & Community Nutrition Management, Physics and Techno-physics, Botany and Forestry, Zoology and Fishery Science, Microbiology, Economics with Rural Development, Anthropology, Biomedical Laboratory Science and Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Disaster Science & Management, Applied Mathematics with Oceanology and Computer Programming, Aquaculture Management & Technology, Computer Science, Electronics, Remote Sensing & GIS, Statistics. The Faculty of Arts and Social Science consists of the departments of Bengali, English,Geography with Environment Management,History, Political Science with Rural Administration, Philosophy and Life-world, Library and Information Science,Linguistic,Sanskrit, Sociology, Mass Communication and Videography,Santali,Hindi, Graphics Design. Faculty of Commerce with Farm Management, Master of Business Administration(MBA).

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Admission in undergraduate and postgraduate course is based on the result of higher secondary and graduation level results, respectively. OTHER THAN THAT, EVERY COLLEGE HAS SET UP ITS OWN CRITERIA OF ADMISSION.

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