Bayburt University

Bayburt - Turkey

Admission 2023 - 2024


Bayburt University was established in 22 May, 2008, located in Bayburt, Turkey. It is also connected to Ataturk University. It is one of the finest made universities in Turkey. This university is working for individual with disabilities. It includes all the basic issues for disable people. Students with disabilities are provided with all the basic needs and facilities. They are free to carry on their studies according to their own point of view.

Programs and Courses

Bayburt University includes faculties, Faculty of Engeenering , Faculty of economics and administrative sciences and Bayburt education faculty. Institutes are, of sciences and social sciences.


Institute of science, Institute of social sciences.

Vocational schools

Bayburt vocational school, Bayburt School of health services.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

Candidates seeking admission in this university should pass secondary school certificate or equivalent education for undergraduate programs and must have Bachelor degree for post graduate programs. International students are required to pass SAT for undergraduate programs; GMAT for management Sciences i.e. BBA and MBA or GRE for graduate and post graduate programs other than management sciences. International students must pass the Turkish Language course. The Turkish Language courses are offered in capital cities of almost all countries under Turkish embassies. Scores of GRE test should be higher than 1600, in order to get admission as international student.

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