Siirt University

Siirt - Turkey

Admission 2023 - 2024


Siirt University was founded in 1976 and bounded to the Dicle University in 1982. First it was called the Dicle University of education but later separated from Dicle University and became Siirt University in May 29, 2007. Today, the University has three faculties, four Vocational Schools and a Research and Application Centre. It is not counted as a larger unit, it consists of small unit but it provides professional knowledge. It is located in Siirt, Turkey.


Siirt University has only one school and its name is School of Medicine.

Graduate and Undergraduate Schools:

Siirt University has both graduate and undergraduate schools. It has one graduate school namely Graduate School of Science. It has three Undergraduate schools for higher education named as Siirt Vocational School of Higher Education, Eruh Vocational School Of Higher Education and Kurtalan Vocational School Of Higher Education.

Programs and Courses

Siirt University has three faculties including Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Architecture and Engineering.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

There are number of procedures through which you can take admission in Siirt University. But some of them are necessarily important. If you want to take admission in Siirt University as a local student, you will surely give an admission test. To take admission as an international student, you should get higher marks in the tests GMAT, SAT and GRE. The marks greater than 650,2000 and 320 are preferable.

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