Sinop University

SINOP - Turkey

Admission 2023 - 2024


It is one of the universities that were made in 2007. Sinop University was also established in 2007, located in the province of Sinop, Turkey. The basic mission of Sinop University is to provide students a knowledge which is full of scientific and technology. Their aim is to make their department brighter by both nationally and internationally.


In Sinop University, there are two institutes naming as The Institute of Science and The Institute of Social Science.


Sinop University has two schools including School of Health Sciences and School of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Vocational School:

There are three vocational schools for the students including Ayancik Vocational School, Boyabat Vocational School and Gerze Vocational School.

Programs and Courses

There are four faculties in Sinop University having number of departments like Faculty of Arts and Sciences has Mathematics Department, Department of Statistics Graduate Program, Department of Biology Graduate Program Department of Turkish Language and Literature Program, Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry. The Faculty of Fisheries includes Fisheries Department of Basic Sciences and Department of Fisheries and Fish Processing Technology. Economics and Administration Faculty Boyabat includes Faculty of Business, Economics and Finance and Public Administration.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

To get admission in Sinop University, admission test is compulsory for the students within the region. The scores of SAT must be higher than 2000 in order to get admission as an international student.International students are required to submit the certificate of Turkish Language course.

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