Politecnico di Milano

Milano - Italy

Admission 2024 - 2025


Politecnico di Milano university operates in the field of science and technology to develop the students to meet the need of industries. The university offer quality education with innovation through research. Politecnico takes part in several research and training projects collaborating with the most qualified European universities.

Programs and Courses

Programs offered by the Politecnico di Milano:

BS in Architecture Science, BS Mechanical Engineering, Urban Planning, Production
MS Engineering in Aeronautical, Architecture, Automation, Electronic, Energy, Computing, Space, Telecommunication, Information, Production, Civil, Environment, Management, Urban Planning and Policy, Building

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

BS: Bachelor of Science

Secondary studies diploma is required for admission in BS programs.

MS: Master of Science

Bachelor of Science (or equivalent qualification) is required for admission in MS programs

Specializing Masters and Post Graduate programs

After the Bachelor or the Master of Science degree, to perfect your studies and update yourself on your profession, you can choose one of our Specializing Masters or Post Graduate programs.

PhD - Doctoral Programs

After the Master of Science ("Laurea Magistrale") degree you can start a program of at least 3 years to carry out highly qualified research activity.

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