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Admission 2024 - 2025


Selcuk Yasar Yasar University decided to establish a University under the name of Education and Sports Foundation in 1999. It is the greatest University that provides a great contribution in industry. The University started its Education process in Campus Alsancak in the city during 2002 to 2003. It is an excellent university which is equipped with Science and technology, educating students who play a vital role in the development of the country. It determines action plans for future in educational as well as industrial field. It has one professional school Yasar University Vocational School and one foreign language school.


Institute of science, institute of social science

Programs and Courses

University offers graduate programs in law faculty such as master of public law and master of private law. In faculty of Law, following subjects are taught in first year: the Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Roman law, Law and Basic Concepts of Law, Economics and basic information. In second year following courses are taught in law faculty: Tourism Law, Sports Law, Environmental Law, Communications Law, Aviation Law, current Atypical Contracts, Energy Law elective courses. Faculty of Arts and Sciences include following departments such as department of Statistics, department of mathematics, department of Actual science, department of English language and literature, department of translation and interpreting, department of psychology and culture of science. Faculty of Economics and Administrative sciences includes following departments: department of Economics, department of Business Administration, department of Tourism management, International logistics management division, department of international Trade and Finance, department of international Relations and department of Tourism guidance. Faculty of Engineering includes following departments: Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, software Engineering and Energy systems engineering. School of Architecture has following departments: department of Architecture, Master of Architecture department, department of interior Architecture and environmental design and research Areas. Faculty of communication has following departments: Public relations and Advertising, Department of Visual communication design, radio, television and film. Faculty of Arts and design includes following departments: department of graphic design, department of Music, department of film design, and department of industrial design.

Admission Procedure 2024 - 2025

Yasar University always conducts admission test for all local students and accepts SAT score for international students. International students should get higher than 1600 marks in SAT test in order to qualify for admission in this university.

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