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After you have exhausted the opportunities in the community, it is time to broaden your search for scholarship awarding agencies. More often the number of applications is much larger for national awards, you shouldn’t rule them out. Many national level scholarship programs have marketing budgets, that is why you can find these awards easily. Many of national awards are advertised in the following places:

Internet Websites

The social network sites are often time taking and are not of worth exploring. You must use internet with optimized and result oriented searching. Our database is much more useful to find some most fit organization for scholarship offering. However; we recommend that you use as many online scholarship databases as possible as long as they are free. Here are a few we recommend:
  • Super College (
  • Sallie Mae (
  • Broke Scholar (
  • Careers and Colleges (
  • The College Board (
  • Free Scholarship Information (
  • (
  • Adventures in Education (
  • College Net (
  • Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies (

Professional associations

There is at least an association or club for every profession. Whether you want to be an engineer, teacher, business manager, or helicopter pilot, there are professional organizations that come into being for promotion and advancement of the profession. Such associations encourage students to enter that field by providing financial aids and scholarships.
Contact people around you, who are already in the profession. If you think you want to become an accounting professional, ask chartered accountants about the associations to which they belong. Moreover; view at the trade magazines of the profession since they have advertisements for various professional organizations.

Big business Concerns Nationwide

Many nationwide large business concerns have special funds for the benefits of the nation or humanity. Visit company websites and find humanity or social section, which often manage the scholarship programs for financially depriving students for college studies.


Many of well reputed colleges manage financial support and scholarship programs for the talented or financially depriving students. These colleges spare funds from their own receipts or funds from their almuni. Moreover; many philanthropist persons or organizations provide funds to them. Almost all colleges offer a number of financial aid and scholarship programs to meet the financial needs of their needy students. These scholarship programs often base on need or on merit. You must contact your counselor or career advisor in the college and ask him/her to guide.