Prioritize the Sources of USA College Scholarships

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As you search the sources of scholarships, you may have a long list of agencies for scholarships. To write application to all selected sources is a very time consuming task. You must focus your energies (and limited time) only on the awards that you have the best chance of winning.

You can save a lot of time and energy if you knew beforehand which scholarships has more probability of winning. For better results you must apply only where your chance are comparatively more to win. While there is no way to be sure that you’ll have any scholarship or financial aid, you can do some research and make an educated guess.

To boost the probability of your winning of scholarship you must follow the steps given bellow:


By prioritizing your list based on these steps and method, you’ll be able to focus time on awards that you have the best odds of winning while not wasting time on the ones where being a match is a long shot.

Evaluate the Purpose of the Scholarship

Every sponsor or scholarship awarding agency has a specific objective for donating their hard-earned cash to students. For example, a engineering association might award a scholarship to encourage talented new blood to enter the engineering profession.
An conservative environmental group might organize a financial aid program with the purpose of promoting pollution hazardous awareness.
You will be lucky enough if your interests Commensurate their objectives or purpose. Your chances of winning the scholarship are inevitably increases. You must explore the true objectives or the purpose of the organization throughly so that you be able to express suitability of yourself with this purpose. If you properly demonstrate that your potential and interest truly match with the purpose of the scholarship then your chances of winning the scholarship will be more than anyone else.

Think Like a Scholarship Awarding Officer

Once you know the purpose or objective of the scholarship, you need to see if you are a good match for the agency that sponsors it. At this point students often make one of two mistakes.
  • Overestimate how well they fit the purpose
  • Underestimate their qualifications and becomes reluctant to apply.


After working with thousands of students, we have learned that students more often underestimate their abilities. Be realistic and don’t sell yourself low. Keep in mind that to find a perfect match is impossible to find. There are many factors that will influence decision.

Take a Reality Check of yourself

Application Dead Lines: Scholarship deadlines are not like tax deadlines. The deadlines for scholarships vary. Be aware of these crucial dates. Unless you plan carefully, you may miss out on a scholarship simply because you don’t have the time to create a decent application.

Review Your List Daily and work methodically

After you prioritize your selected scholarships based on suitability, apply one by one according to your priority, from high priority to low priority. We are sure that you will not reach the bottom.

Scholarship Scams on Internet

There are some scholarship services and even scholarships themselves that you need to avoid. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in one year there were more than 175,000 cases reported of scholarship scams, costing consumers $22 million. And this is a low estimate since most scholarship scams go unreported!
You will receive letters in high school and college from companies that promised to help you find and win unclaimed scholarships. The pitch will be tempting. You pay for it because of low payment. Avoid them.