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Student Visa for Turkey

A student visa is needed to register as students in Turkey. Exceptions are those people who are legal dependents associated with someone in Turkey on the diplomatic visa or having a work visa. Students who arrived at Turkey without student visa won't be able to register like a student nor can get residence permits.

How will i get a college student visa?

Student visas should be obtained from the Turkish Consulate, usually the one nearest your home of residence. Student visas can't be obtained within Poultry. You must consider, or mail, a copy of the " Letter associated with Acceptance" from Turkish Naval Academy along with a completed visa application to the Turkish Consulate. They'll provide you a credit card applicatoin form upon ask for.

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It takes around eight weeks from the time you submit your application until you receive your visa. The visa will be stamped in your passport. When you receive your visa check to see that it is a "student visa".

What about the Acceptance?

The Registrar’s Office sends a Letter of Acceptance, in English, to applicants who have been accepted to Turkish Naval Academy.

How long is a student visa valid?

Although a time limit will be stamped on your visa, the student visa will be valid as long as you are enrolled in school.

What is a Residence Permit?

All international students in Turkey, regardless of status, must register with, and obtain, a Residence Permit from the Bureau of Foreign Residence Registration at the provincial Directorate of Security . You can be required at any time to show your Residence Permit. Turkish Naval Academy also requires that you give a photocopy of the first seven pages of the Residence Permit to the Registrar’s Office as soon as you have it.

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When must a student register with the Directorate of Security?

Students must register within one month after entering Turkey.

What documents are required for the Residence Permit?

When you have all the following documents, you will submit them, including your passport, to the Bureau of Foreign Residence Registration. You will be given a receipt indicating the date you can pick up your passport and residence permit booklet. It usually takes two to three days. You must pick up your own documents.

How long is the Residence Permit valid and how are they extended?

Students enrolled in a degree program at Turkish Naval Academy are usually given residence permits that are valid for one year. Exceptions are students enrolled in their final semester. You may be given an extension only for the time to cover the semester.

Special students and exchange students are given residence permits for the period of time they will be studying at Turkish Naval Academy as indicated on the student visa. If the Student Visa states the student will be coming for six months, then the residence permit will be for 6 month. Such students can extend their residence permit if they extend their enrollment in Turkish Naval Academy.

Residence permits are extended by providing all the above documents with the exception you will need only two photographs and one copy of application form. Please note, you must submit a student’s certificate to renew your residence permit and student’s certificates can be issued only after you have registered at the university.

For more information please visit Official Website

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