Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Ankara - Turkey

Admission 2023 - 2024


Osman Hamdi Bey started by the construction of a building across the Archeology Museum in 1962. In further years, more development was taking place. The foundation and the educational function of Ankara State Academy of Fine Arts and Bursa Higher Decorative Arts Department occur at the same time as the period of 1977-1979. The name of the institution became 'Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University' in 2004.

Programs and Courses


Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University has three major Faculties. Faculty of Fine Arts includes Department of Painting Department, Department of Sculpture, Department of Stage and Costume Design, Department of Photography, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, Department of Graphic Design, Department of Textile and Fashion Design, Department of Cinema-TV and Department of Basic Art Education. The Faculty of Architecture has four departments including Department of Architecture, Department of urban and Regional Planning, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Interior Design. In Faculty of Science and Letters there are departments of Archaeology, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, History of Art, Sociology and Turkish Language and Literature, Philosophy.

Vocational School

There are two vocational schools in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. One offers Textile Program and the other one offers Architectural Restoration Program.

Admission Procedure 2023 - 2024

There are two ways to take admission in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Admission Test is compulsory for the students within the state. For international students, the scores of SAT and GRE matters.

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