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The Asian Institute of Management, or merely AIM, is a move on school of business along with a center of Business and management search. It is mostly of the business schools in Asia to become internationally accredited using the AACSB. It was established together with Harvard Business College and uses the actual Harvard Business School example teaching methodology. It was referred to by Asiaweek magazine since the best in the actual Asia-Pacific region when it comes to executive education. The Institute had been established in 1968 together with Harvard Business School, the Ford Basis, and visionaries from the Asian academic as well as business communities with an agreement by the Ateneo de Manila College and De Los Angeles Salle University. It is found in Makati City, City Manila, Philippines. AIM includes a local board associated with trustees and a global board of governors.

For a lot more than three decades, the halls associated with AIM have observed the growth as well as passage of a number of Asia’ s greatest minds – leaders and managers from the present and the near future. It is the actual professional commitment from the Institute that our students will be equipped with knowledge of the greatest available managerial tools and they shall be influenced to creative methods for using these resources. It is the actual social commitment from the Institute


College students, too, are increasingly producing the Philippines the destination for possibly study abroad or even full-time enrollment in a university or college. Among foreigners, typically the most popular institutions of higher education are usually centered in Manila, though they aren't the only choice. It simply is dependent of what you want to study, and where you want to spend your university years. Whatever you choose, a college experience within the Philippines will be as distinctive and exciting an experience as possible possible have.

Admission in MBA

AIM conducts its own test, the AIM Admission Test (AIMAT). Because of this, GMAT is not a requirement. However, if you have taken and passed the GMAT within the last three (3) years, it will also be considered in lieu of the AIMAT. We require a minimum GMAT Score of 600.

The AIMAT fee is $20.00 or its equivalent in pesos. For Indian applicants, the India Representative Office charges Rs., 2,500 for its processing fee which is inclusive of the AIMAT fee.

For the MBA program, applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a college or university professor and a similar letter from the current or former employer.

For the MM and MDM programs, applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from the current or former employer.

For the actual EMBA program, applicants must provide a letter of recommendation in the immediate supervisor along with a similar letter in the company’ s HUMAN RESOURCES head or any kind of senior management official.

The score within the qualifying exam is considered as well as other factors like job experience, transcript associated with records, and the actual panel interview through faculty members associated with AIM. For nearby applicants, interviews is going to be conducted at the head office. For abroad applicants, the faculty assigned to complete the marketing journey will conduct the actual interviews. Generally, for those who have two (two) below-average ratings, you will not really be interviewed any longer.

The AIM Admissions Panel conducts interviews with just about all applicants to help them measure the applicants' leadership, social, and communication abilities.


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