Scholarships and Grants in Canada

Each year, thousands of Canadian students leave the country to participate within educational exchange programs in order to pursue undergraduate, professional levels. They acquire useful skills and understanding, as well since the enriching experience associated with living and studying inside a new and various environment. When they go back to Canada, these students anticipate that their obtained skills and knowledge is going to be recognized for reasons of further research or practicing an occupation.

Student Loans and Student Grants

  • Loans – money that you pay back
  • Grants – money that you do not pay back

Scholarship grants, and bursaries can be found to both worldwide students and Canadian college students, often at the actual postgraduate level. They provide money to students that need not be paid back again. Scholarship funding in Canada is restricted and highly limited.

There are additionally various academic as well as student exchange programs that offer opportunities for international students to study in Canada, or for Canadians to study abroad.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) accounts for the Government associated with Canada's participation within major International Scholarship or grant Programs. DFAIT offers support to worldwide scholars in North America, which is frequently reciprocated by international governments which assistance Canadian scholars within their countries.
Foreign Scholarships
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