Cost of Education in Australia

Being an international students you have to pay up-front college tuition fees. In some instances institutions charge additional fees to pay for topics like college student organization membership, activities, books, stationery, important material, library, lab costs and sports activities facility costs. These costs are with respect to the course or organization and differ appropriately. Please take the actual figures below like a guide only. These types of fees are exempt through Australia's Goods as well as Services Tax (GST).

Students enjoy a high standard of living in Australia and yet the study and living cost in Australia has consistently shown a lower cost compared with the USA and UK.

The price of living in Sydney is significantly less than the US and also the UK. The living cost each year in Australia is actually $9,306 which compares favorably for international student. The average weekly cost of residing is $250 as well as again this compares favorably for that international student when it comes to affordability.

Foundation Studies $A10000 - $A14,000 a year
eg. university entrance, preparatory and bridging courses
Bachelor Degree $A10,000 - $A13,500 a year
eg. courses in arts, business, economics and law
Laboratory-based Bachelor Degree $A11,000 - $A16,500 a year
eg. science and engineering courses
Graduate Certificates $A9000 - $A16,000 a year
Graduate Diplomas
Masters $A11,000 - $A18,500 a year
Doctoral Degree
Vocational education and training
Certificates I - IV $A5500 - $A18,000 a year
Advanced Diploma
Secondary school $A8000 - $A13,000 a year
Primary and junior secondary schools $A5000 - $A13,000 a year
English language training
varies significantly depending on the course duration or institution $A3500 - $A13,500 a year

The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs suggests international students to produce provisions for no less than A$12,000. This figure will be approximate and does not take into consideration your lifestyle and also particular location regarding study.

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