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Multiple Choice questions for Computer Sciences in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 6   A computer derives its basic strength from
  1. speed
  2. accuracy
  3. memory
  4. all of the above
  5. none of the above
Question: 7   Modern computers compared to earlier computers are
  1. faster and larger
  2. less reliable
  3. larger and stronger
  4. slower but more reliable
  5. faster and smaller
Question: 8   The use of computer for business applications is attractive because of its
  1. accuracy
  2. reliability
  3. speed
  4. secret code facility
  5. all of the above
Question: 9   A computer is capable of performing almost any task provided, that it can be
  1. coded
  2. memorised
  3. analysed
  4. reduced to a series of logical steps
  5. changed top mathematic equation
Question: 10   ABIT represents a
  1. decimal digit
  2. octal digit
  3. binary digit
  4. hexa decimal digit
  5. none
Question: 11   A company has very high speed, accuracy and reliability. Its intelligence quotient could be of the order of
  1. 100
  2. 0
  3. 50
  4. 200
  5. 99.99
Question: 12   computer can not do anything without a
  1. chip
  2. memory
  3. output device
  4. program
  5. none of the above
Question: 13   A computer possesses information
  1. as directed by the operator
  2. automatically
  3. at once
  4. gradually and eventually
  5. by truncating
Question: 14   Pick up the false statement
  1. computer can manipulate both numeric and non-numeric symbols
  2. computer errors can usually be traced to faulty programs or inaccurate input data
  3. the facts or informational raw materials represented by numeric and non-numeric symbols are called information
  4. the space in the primary storage section is divided into four areas: input, working,storage, output and program storage.
  5. information is the relevant knowledge that results from the processing and arranging of data in an ordered and useful form.
Question: 15   processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have
  1. ALU
  2. primary storage
  3. control unit
  4. all of these
  5. none of the above
Question: 16   Pick up the correct statement about computers
  1. computers process data with human interven-tion after the program has been fed
  2. all comparisons are made in the control section
  3. the arithmetic-logic section of the CPU selects, interprets and executes the program steps.
  4. the secondary storage devices are usually connected on line to the CPU but for accepting data from them or returning data to them, human intervention is required
  5. computers have the built in ability to obey different types of instructions.

Answers to the questions of Computer Sciences on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the Computer Sciences mcqs.
6 . D       7 . E       8 . E       9 . D       10 . C       11 . B       12 . D       13 . B       14 . C       15 . D       16 . E      

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