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Multiple Choice questions for Computer Sciences in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 4500   A CPU generally contains
  1. registers and ALU
  2. a control and timing section
  3. instruction decoding circuit
  4. all of the above
Question: 4502   Which of the following storage devices can be carried around?
  1. floppy disks
  2. main memory
  3. registers
  4. core memory
Question: 4503   Benchmarks are
  1. simulator programs
  2. vendor's application
  3. actual system programs
  4. representatives routines for system timing
Question: 4504   Simulation of system's design permits
  1. exception reporting to be done
  2. market models to biult
  3. testing the probabilistic parameters
  4. two noncompatible pieces of hardware to work collectively
Question: 4506   Which is the most impo0rtant software ergonomics consideration?
  1. display layout
  2. command language
  3. error messages and help functio0ns
  4. response times
Question: 4507   The use of the microcomputers as a decision tool
  1. allows the microcomputer to support human decisions
  2. can make common decisions according to rules
  3. makes all decisions for human action
  4. is not possible at the present sate of computer technology
Question: 4508   The system that provides digested and summarized information is known as
  1. data base systems
  2. decision support system
  3. account 0f processing system
  4. word processing function
Question: 4509   Which of the following is the greatest advantage of the spread sheet
  1. what if
  2. cross footing
  3. variable entry
  4. data base entry
Question: 4511   What is the first task in the system analysis
  1. programming
  2. orientation an fact finding
  3. the study of the processing operation
  4. environmentally dependent
Question: 4512   What is the source data automation
  1. the use of software data automation
  2. a selection criterion
  3. capturing data near a computer
  4. capturing data at the point of generation
Question: 4514   What is strategic planning
  1. planning operations
  2. problem identification
  3. supervising
  4. technical feasibility
Question: 4515   The product of system analysis is
  1. cost analysis study
  2. feasibility study
  3. application study
  4. system team charter

Answers to the questions of Computer Sciences on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the Computer Sciences mcqs.
4500 . D       4502 . A       4503 . D       4504 . A       4506 . C       4507 . B       4508 . B       4509 . A       4511 . B       4512 . D       4514 . B       4515 . B      

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