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Question: 4555   The three main components opf a computer are
  1. tape, I/O, floppy disk
  2. CPU,I/O,memory
  4. I/O, printer, mouse
Question: 4556   Which f the following storage is volatile
  1. semiconductor memory
  2. floppy disk
  3. CD-ROM
  4. core memory
Question: 4557   System software
  1. provides a microcomputer with instructions necessary to operate the system
  2. is necessary to start your computer
  3. permits you to use application software
  4. is also referred to as the operating
  5. all of the above
Question: 4558   Which of the following is not an example of application software
  1. word processing
  2. spreadsheet
  3. DOS
  4. computer graphics
Question: 4559   Specific purpose software is
  1. also referred to as horizontal market software
  2. a category of application software
  3. available for general business needs
  4. always specially written for a specific business organization
  5. all of the above
Question: 4560   Which of the folllowing statements is true about application software
  1. all word processing software packages contain spelling checkers
  2. spreadsheet application software is often compared to the secretary's notepad
  3. database software allows you to maintain and manipulate data
  4. computer graphics software is used to draw lines and boxes in spreadsheets
Question: 4561   When using a microcomputer keyboard
  1. depress the keys with firm pressure
  2. clean the keys frequently with a liquid type cleaner
  3. strike the keys quickly; holding a key down too long will result in printing more than one character
  4. none of the above
  5. all of the above
Question: 4562   A typical microcomputer system has
  1. one primary hardware element
  2. hardware that provides a means of communication between your computer and another computer
  3. only one output device the printer
  4. a keyboard as a primary input device
  5. none of the above
Question: 4563   The microcomputer monitor is
  1. also referred to as a video display terminal
  2. classified as an output device
  3. limited to displaying 80 characters of text per line in most applications
  4. able to display a high resolution image
Question: 4564   RAM chips
  1. allow the computer to store data electronically
  2. store data indefinitely unless you delete it
  3. are always measured in thousands of bytes
  4. are classified as an output device
  5. all of the above
Question: 4565   Printers used with microcomputer systems are
  1. used to produce a paper output referred to as soft copy
  2. often classified according to the quality of their output
  3. unable to produce near typeset quality output
  4. very expensive impact devices
  5. all of the above
Question: 4566   Which of the following statements correctly describes the microcomputer disk drive
  1. a disk drive is used to transfer data to and from disks
  2. the two types of disk drives are hard disks and flexible disks
  3. hard disks are permanent storage devices
  4. the amount of data that can be stored on a disk depends solely on the type of disk drive used
  5. all of the above

Answers to the questions of Computer Sciences on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the Computer Sciences mcqs.
4555 . B       4556 . A       4557 . C       4558 . C       4559 . D       4560 . C       4561 . C       4562 . B       4563 . C       4564 . A       4565 . B       4566 . E      

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