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Multiple Choice questions for Computer Sciences in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 135   The software generally used for what if analysis is related to
  1. word-processing
  2. graphic
  3. database management
  4. none of the above
  5. all of the above
Question: 136   Distributed data entry means that data can be
  1. entered at different locations where it originates
  2. sent to different locations from a central place
  3. accessed from different places know as distribution points
  4. distributed through a network
  5. none of the above
Question: 137   Software documentation refers to
  1. anything written about how the software is designed or functions
  2. the documents which, the user has to sign before using the software legally
  3. the compatibility of the software with IBM -PC
  4. none of the above
  5. all of the above
Question: 138   If a home computer user wants access to national database networks he/she at least requires
  1. a microcomputer, a modem a telephone line
  2. a microcomputer, a teleprinter, a telephone
  3. a microcomputer, communications software, a telephone line
  4. a microcomputer , a modem , communications software, a telephone line
  5. none of the above
Question: 139   Which of the following factors does not affect the total time taken to generate by using computer?
  1. entry of data
  2. complexity of calculations to be performed
  3. power of the processor
  4. speed of the printer
  5. place where the computer is kept
Question: 140   which of the following functions of a computer is wrong?
  1. it obtains data from an input device
  2. it process the data and delivers the final results to an output device
  3. it takes processing steps from the list of instructions called program
  4. it stores the program and data in memory
  5. it generates the program on its own.
Question: 141   The heart of a computer is
  1. CPU
  2. memory
  3. I/O Unit
  4. disks
  5. none of the above
Question: 142   A computer consists of
  1. a central processing unit
  2. a memory
  3. input and output units
  4. all of the above
  5. none of the above
Question: 143   Which of the following is not used as secondary storage?
  1. semiconductor memory
  2. magnetic disks
  3. magnetic drums
  4. magnetic tapes
  5. none of the above
Question: 144   Which of the following is responsible for coordinating various operations using timing signals?
  1. Arithmetic-logic unit
  2. control unit
  3. memory unit
  4. I/O unit
  5. none of the above
Question: 145   The ALU of a computer normally contains a number of high speed storage elements called
  1. semiconductor memory
  2. registers
  3. hard disk
  4. magnetic disk
  5. none of the above
Question: 146   Memories in which any location can be reached in a fixed(and short) amount of time after specifying its address is called
  1. sequential -access memory
  2. random-access memory
  3. secondary memory
  4. mass storage
  5. none of the above

Answers to the questions of Computer Sciences on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the Computer Sciences mcqs.
135 . D       136 . A       137 . A       138 . D       139 . E       140 . E       141 . A       142 . D       143 . A       144 . B       145 . B       146 . B      

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