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Multiple Choice questions for Computer Sciences in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 352   Which of the following software type is used to simplify using systems software?
  1. Spreadsheet
  2. operating environment
  3. time sharing
  4. multitasking
  5. non of the above
Question: 353   Which of the following is not applications software?
  1. word processing
  2. spreadsheet
  3. UNLX
  4. Desktop publishing
  5. None of the above
Question: 354   Which of the following types of software should you use it you often need to create,edit ,and print documents?
  1. word processing
  2. spreadsheet
  3. UNLX
  4. Desktop publishing
  5. All of the above
Question: 355   Which of the following might be used to convert high-level language instructions in to machine language?
  1. system software
  2. application software
  3. an operating environment
  4. an interpreter
  5. non of the above
Question: 356   Multiprogramming was made possible by
  1. input/output units that operate independently of the CPU
  2. operating systems
  3. both a and b
  4. neither a nor b
Question: 357   Which of the following is not a characteristic of the conventional process of developing application system?
  1. Increasing labor costs for programming and system analysis
  2. Slow implementation of system change
  3. Minimized maintenance of application software
  4. Very long time span of development
  5. All of the above are true
Question: 358   When user do to know in detail what they want until they use a version of it,the type of computing is
  1. Prospective
  2. user-driven
  3. pre-specified
  4. structured
  5. non of the above
Question: 359   Pre-specified is most appropriate for the following applications?
  1. administrative procedures
  2. decision-support systems
  3. information system software
  4. operating system software
  5. paperwork-avoidance system
Question: 360   Which of the following is not true of report generators?
  1. They are similar to query languages
  2. They are generally used without assistance from information - system professionals
  3. They can perform more complex data-processing tasks than most query languages
  4. RPG is a popular report generator
  5. All of the above are true
Question: 361   For a package to be considered suitable for end-users,a typical end-user must be able to learn to use it in a......course
  1. two-day
  2. one-day
  3. two-week
  4. one-month
  5. six-month
Question: 401   Over the last thirty years ,software labor costs have ...and hardware costs have...
  1. increased/decreased
  2. decreased/decreased
  3. increased/stayed approximately the same
  4. decreased/stayed approximately the same
Question: 402   Which approach is likely to be successful in applications that process very high volumes of data?
  1. traditional development
  2. structured development
  3. prototyping with fourth-generation language.
  4. total system development with a fourth-generation language .

Answers to the questions of Computer Sciences on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the Computer Sciences mcqs.
352 . C       353 . C       354 . A       355 . D       356 . C       357 . C       358 . B       359 . D       360 . B       361 . A       401 . A       402 . C      

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